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吴俊杰  Junjie Wu  


















u  学习经历

§  2002年于清华大学获学士学位

§  2008年于清华大学大学获博士学位

u  工作经历



§2012/04-2013/05Univ.  of WashingtonFoster School of Business,访问学者 




u  研究领域

§  人工智能,数据挖掘,大数据计算,金融/城市/社会计算 

u  荣誉及奖励

l  2019年获得中国电子学会科学技术一等奖

l  2018年获得国家计算机网络与信息安全管理中心十佳表彰

l  2018年获得ICEC18最佳论文奖

l  2018年获得CSWIM18最佳论文奖

l  2018年获得国家自然科学基金委国家杰出青年基金

l  2018年获得国家自然科学基金委青年项目“特优”评价

l  2017年获得教育部青年长江学者

l  2015年获得中国商业联合会全国商业科技进步奖一等奖

l  2014年获得国家自然科学基金面上项目获得“特优”评价

l  2013年获得国家自然科学基金委优秀青年基金

l  2013年获得北京市青年英才

l  2013年获得北航年度精英奖

l  2013年获得北航“蓝天创新团队”

l  2012年获得Springer Thesis  Prize

l  2012年获得第三届全国百篇优秀管理案例评选获奖案例:“穿越没有硝烟的战场——中航国际大型ERP实施之路”,

l  2011年获得教育部新世纪优秀人才

l  2010年获得全国优秀博士学位论文

u  开授课程


u  教学及科研成果


1.          陈国青,熊辉,曹永知,吴俊杰,袁华等. 新兴电子商务——深度模式分析与不确定性建模. 清华大学出版社, 2013. (专著)

2.          Junjie  Wu. Advances in K-means Clustering: A Data Mining Thinking. Springer-Berlin,  2012. (专著,  Springer官网付费下载>1.9万次)


1.       Yuan  Zuo, Junjie Wu*, Hui Zhang, Deqing Wang, and Ke Xu. Complementary  Aspect-based Opinion Mining. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data  Engineering, 30(2): 249-262, 2018. (期刊论文, SCI, CCF-A)

2.       Yiqun  Ho, Junjie Wu*, and Yong Tan. Disconfirmation Effect on Online Rating  Behavior: A Structural Model. Information Systems Research, 28(3): 626-642,  2017. (期刊论文,  SSCI, Dallas24)

3.       Hongfu  Liu, Junjie Wu*, Tongliang Liu, Dacheng Tao, and Yun Fu. Spectral Ensemble  Clustering via Weighted K-Means: Theoretical and Practical Evidence. IEEE  Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 29(5): 1129-1143, 2017. (期刊论文, SCI, CCF-A)

4.       Junjie  Wu, Zhiang Wu*, Jie Cao, Hongfu Liu, Guoqing Chen, and Yanchun Zhang. Fuzzy  Consensus Clustering with Applications on Big Data. IEEE Transactions on  Fuzzy Systems, 25(6): 1430-1445, 2017. (期刊论文, SCI, IF: 8.415)

5.       Junjie  Wu, Hongfu Liu, Hui Xiong, Jie Cao, and Jian Chen. K-means-based Consensus  Clustering: A Unified View. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data  Engineering, 27(1): 155-169, 2015. (期刊论文, SCI, CCF-A)

6.       Kun  Yuan, Guannan Liu*, Junjie Wu*. Whose Posts to Read: Finding Social Sensors  for Effective Information Acquisition. Information Processing and Management.  Accepted in Jan. 2019. (期刊论文,  SCI)

7.       Deqing  Wang, Chenwei Lu, Junjie Wu*, Hongfu Liu, Wenjie Zhang, Fuzhen Zhuang, and  Hui Zhang. Softly Associative Transfer Learning for Cross-domain  Classification. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. Accepted in Jan. 2019. (期刊论文, SCI, IF: 8.803)

8.       Wenyu  Du, Junjie Wu, Shan Shi Liu, and Raymond Hackney. Effective Organizational  Improvisation in Information System Development: Insights from Tencent  Messaging System Development. Information and Management. Accepted in Oct.  2018. (期刊论文,  SSCI)

9.       Zheng  Xie, Guannan Liu, Junjie Wu, and Yong Tan. Big Data Would Not Lie: Prediction  of the 2016 Taiwan Election via Online Heterogeneous Information. EPJ Data  Science, 7:32, 2018. (期刊论文, SCI)

10.   Heng  Wang, Junjie Wu*, Shi Yuan, and Jian Chen. On Characterizing Scale Effect of  Chinese Mutual Funds via Text Mining. Signal Processing, 124: 266-278, 2016.  (期刊论文,  SCI)

11.   Yue  Hu, Jichang Zhao, and Junjie Wu*. Emoticon-based Ambivalent Expression: A  Hidden Indicator for Unusual Behaviors in Weibo. PLOS ONE, 11(1): e0147079,  2016. (期刊论文,  SCI)

12.   Jichang  Zhao, Junjie Wu, Mingming Chen, Zhiwen Fang, Xu Zhang, and Ke Xu.  K-Core-based Attack to the Internet: Is it more Malicious than Degree-based  Attack? World Wide Web, 18(3): 749-766, 2015. (期刊论文, SCI)

13.   Jichang  Zhao, Junjie Wu*, Guannan Liu, Dacheng Tao, Ke Xu, and Chunyang Liu. Being  Rational or Aggressive? A Revisit to Dunbar's Number in Online Social  Networks. Neurocomputing, 142: 343-353, 2014. (期刊论文, SCI)

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u  科研项目