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【学术报告】Dumbo Protocols: Making Asynchronous Consensus Real

作者:       发布: 2021-03-12      来源:


Dumbo Protocols: Making Asynchronous Consensus Real



报告地点:第一馆408,腾讯会议640 909 837


Asynchronous consensus has been considered the most robust, yet the most system-friendly consensus in the open network. Unfortunately, all existing protocols suffer from low efficiency thus essentially none has been widely deployed. In this talk, we will introduce our recent progress on how to make asynchronous permissioned consensus really fast, and finally, real.


Dr. Qiang Tang is currently a Senior Lecturer (U.S. Associate Professor) at The University of Sydney and Director of JACOBI Blockchain Lab (sponsored by JD.com). Before joining USyd, he was an assistant professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a postdoc at Cornell.

His research span broadly in applied/theoretic cryptography and blockchain technology, and his work mostly appeared at flagship venues of security/crypto/distributed computing such as Crypto/Eurocrypt/Asiacrypt/CCS/NDSS/PODC and many more. He won a few prestigious awards including “MIT Technical Review” 35 Chinese Innovators under 35, 2019; a Google Faculty Award; NJIT Research Award 2020, and more.